Avon Valley WinterLeague 2006

Final League Table

Place  Team Rd1 Rd2 Rd3 Rd4 Rd5 Rd6 Total
1 Fox Match Arun 1 4 2 2 1 1 11
2 Farnham A.S.
3 1 3 4 2 5 18
3= Mosella Farnborough
7 2 4 1 3 6 23
3= Hansfords MG 2 5 6 2 5 3 23
5 Allans Marine 4 7 1 5 6 2 25
6 Guildford Angling Center 5 3 5 6 4 4 27
7 Sarfix Thames 6 6 7 7 8 7 41
8 Portsmouth District
8 8 8 8 7 8 47

Round 6: 10th December - Basingstoke Canal Ash Vale

The sixth and final round of the Avon Valley Winter League was fished on the Basingstoke Canal at Ash Vale. So far it had been the mildest winter on record but some cold weather finally arrived, and the temperature plummeted. There had been a hard overnight frost on both Friday and Saturday but it wasn't enough to freeze the canal.  At the draw (Gold Valley) everyone expected a hard match, because of the sudden temperature drop, but the Canals Roach, Skimmers and Perch fed, and the 77 anglers totalled 246lb, an average of 3-3-0 per angler.

On the day the runner away winner with 13-6-0 was Hansfords Match Group's Alistair Murchie,  who had a great day and nearly doubled the weight of the next Angler G Fuller who had 7-3-0, and third was T frost with 7-2-0.

In the team event Fox Match Arun finished off  a good series with a convincing win which included 6 section winners,  while runners up Allan's Marine for the third time in the series couldn't manage single a section win.

The overall Avon Valley Team Champions, in only there second year in the league, were Fox Match Arun, and runners up were Farnham A.S. They both go forward to represent the Avon Valley Winter League in the Angling times semi-final. As team champions Fox Match Arun have chosen the Grand Union Canal semi-final, therefore Farnham go to the Woodlands View semi-final.  

The Individual League Champion with 45 points was Steve Peacock of Fox Match Arun, 2nd with 39 points Was team mate Neil Boniface, and 3rd with 39 points was Chris Gillott of Allan's Marine.

Team Champions were:-

Allan's Marine                 Chris Gillott
Farnham A.S.                  Andre Granjean
Fox Match Arun              Steve Peacock
Guildford A.C.                 Steve Bull
Hansfords M.G.               Steve Pomery
Mosella Farnborough     Jason Goddard
Portsmouth and District  Harry Marsh
Sarfix Thames                 Greg Tate

Individual Results Round 6

Place  Angler Weight
1 Alistair Murchie -- Hansfords M.G. 13-06-0
2 G Fuller -- Fox Match Arun
3 Tony Frost -- Sarfix Thames
4 Paul Williams -- Fox Match Arun
5 Mervin Chadd - Allans Marine 6-15-0

Team Results Round 6

Place  Team Points
1 Fox Arun  66
2 Allans Marine 54
3 Hansfords M.G. 49
4 Guildford A.C.  47
5 Farnham 42

It's over for 2006, but it all starts again next year and the first round is at Gold Valley Lakes on October the 7th.

Round 5: 26th November - Kennet & Avon Canal Great Bedwin

The fifth round of the Avon Valley Winter League was fished on the Kennet and Avon Canal at Great Bedwin. After the heavy rain earlier in the week the venue had regained some colour and  in the mild conditions the Canal fished well. The 76 anglers totalled 333lb,  an average of 4-6-0 per angler, and only one anglers caught less than 1lb.

The winner Steve Kembury was on an end peg near the turning Bay in D section and had 18-14-0 of Bream on double red maggot fished over worm and caster. The runner up was pegged next to the winner and also had a net of bream for 12-9-0. Third was Andre Granjean from the end peg in F section with a mixed bag for 11-4-0. Fourth was Chris Gillott from the end peg in C section with a mixed bag for 9-13-8 taken on pole fished squat and pinkie at 6m.

In the Team event the top three teams in the overall league places claiming 1st second and third. Fox Arun now have a three point lead over Farnham who are 4 points ahead of Farnborough.

Individual Results Round 5

Place  Angler Weight
1 S Kembury -- Fox Arun 18-14-0
2 W Peaty -- Farnham A.S. 12-09-0
3 A Granjean -- Farnham A.S. 11-04-0
4 Chris Gillott - Allans Marine 9-13-8
5 L. Sheriff -- Guildford A.C. 7-04-0

Team Results Round 5

Place  Team Points
1 Fox Arun  62
2 Farnham 55
3 Mosella Farnborough 53
4 Guildford A.C. 49
5 Hansfords M.G.

Next round 10th Dec:  Basingstoke Canal Ash draw Gold Valley at 8am

Round 4: 12th November - Kennet & Avon Canal Marlborough

The fourth round of the Avon Valley Winter League was fished on the Kennet and Avon Canal at Wooton Rivers and Brimslade. For the first time this winter the weather was cooler and the colour was dropping out of the water, even so the canals Roach still fed. The 79 anglers totalled 305lb,  an average of 3-14-0 per angler, and only one anglers caught less than 1lb.

Individual Results Round 4

Place  Angler Weight
1 L. Sheriff -- Guildford A.C. 14-11-0
2 Tony Bloomfield -- SARFIX Thames
3 Tony Scott -- Farnham A.S.
4 G Fuller -- Fox Match
5 M Kita -- Hansfords M. G. 8-04-8

Team Results Round 4

Place  Team Points
1 Mosella Farnborough 53
2  Fox Match Arun 52
3 Hansfords M.G. 52
4 Farnham 51
5 Allans Marine

Next round 26th Nov:  Kennet and Avon Canal Great Bedwin draw  8am

Round 3: 29th October - River Thames  Goring & Child Beale

The Third  round of the Avon Valley Winter League was fished on the River Thames at Goring and Child Beale. After the heavy rain earlier in the week the river was running hard and slightly coloured,  therefore heavy rigs were required to combat the conditions.  Given the conditions the river fished well, and the 80 anglers totalled 408lb for an average of 5-2-0, with 7 anglers catching less than 1lb.

The first four weights came from Child Beale, where Skimmer Bream, plus odd Bream and Chub were needed to frame. The winner was M. Holland of Fox Arun with 19-0-0 of Bream  and Chub taken on the feeder. The runner up John Young of Allans Marine with 13-6-0 also fished the Groundbait feeder with lob worm on hook. Third was Pat Tigwell with another feeder caught bag for 12-9-0.

The team that mastered the difficult conditions best was Allans Marine with 63 points. In second place were Fox Arun with 55 points. The Fox team had 3 individuals in the top 5, but on the day they couldn't live with the consistency of the Allans Marine squad who successfully targeted the rivers Roach at Goring and Skimmers at Child Beale.

Individual Results Round 3

Place  Angler Weight
1 M holland -- Fox Arun 19-00-0
2 John Young - Allans Marine 13-06-0
3 Pat Tigwell --Sarfix Thames 12-09-0
4 Steve Mack -- Fox Arun 10-09-0
5 D Finnis -- Fox Arun 10-06-0

Team Results Round 3

Place  Team Points
1 Allan's Marine 63
2 Fox Arun 
3 Farnham 46
4 Mosella Farnborough 44
5 Guidford A.C. 43

Next round 12th Nov:  Kennet and Avon Canal Marlborough  draw Rowbuck Pub 8am

Round 2: 15th October - Wey Navigation Parvis to Blackboys

The second round of the Avon Valley Winter League was fished on the Wey Navigation at Byefleet.
The heavy rain earlier in the week put some much needed colour in the water and the venue fished extremely well, with the 80 anglers totalling 295lb for an average of 3-11-0, with only 5 anglers catching less than 1lb.

The winner John Bassett had a dream match taking 52-8-0 of bream on meat. John was drawn on the first peg below the White Heart, opposite the outfall and he also lost a Barbel at the net. Second  was Andre Granjean with 8-1-0 which was a mixed bag that included 2 tench. Third was Farnborough young gun Steve Flint with a mainly Roach bag for 7-9-0.

In the Team Event it was Farnham's day, they had 8 in the top two of their section and totalled 65 points. The Farborough young guns were second with 57 points. This was a terrific result for the youngsters, and a warning to the other teams in the league.

Next round on 29th Oct:  R. Thames Goring and Child Beale draw 8am

Individual Results Round 2

Place  Angler Weight
1 J. Bassett - SAFIX Thames 52-08-0
2 Andre Granjean - Farnham A.S. 8-01-0
3 S. Flint - MOSELLA Farnborough
4 S. Hunter - Farnham A.S. 7-08-0
5 G. Knight - Guildford A.S.

Team Results Round 2

Place  Team Points
1 Farnham A.S. 65
2 Mosella Farnborough
3 Guidford A.C. 50
4 Fox Arun
5 Hansfords M.G 44

Round 1: 1st October - Broadlands Main Lake

The first round of the Avon Valley Winter League was certainly eventful. The first problem was the gate into the Lake was locked. Eventually we managed to wake the owners son and get the key to the gate. By the time the gate was unlocked it was about 8:30 and we still had to do the draw. Then there was a mistake with the pegging and peg 85, under the Pylon, had to be moved. Eventually we got started 45 minutes later than planned.  It was  then the turn of the wet and windy weather to welcome the anglers to the start of the winter league series. (and we do this for fun!)

But we were here for the fishing and apart from a few pegs on the south bank the lake fished well. The 80 anglers totalled 680lb for an average of 8-8-0, with the 40th angler weighing in at 6-6-0.

The Winner Gavani Barbato, pegged on the Match lake had 14 carp to 4lbs on corn and pellet at peg 22, second was Bret Cooper on the main lake peg 87, Bret caught skimmers on corn and maggot on the pole, then had to change to the feeder due to the wind. 3rd was D Rowden with another skimmer weight from the main Lake. In the Team event Fox Arun were clear winners on 61 points, and the venue favourites Hansford were second with 53 points.  

Individual Results Round 1

Place  Angler Weight
1 G Barbato - Guildford Angling Centre 39-01-0
2 B Cooper - Hansfords M.G.
3 D Rowden - Hansfords M.G. 32-12-0
4 D Pool - Hansfords M.G. 26-03-0
5 Vince Cammilleri - Allans Marine

Team Results Round 1

Place  Team Points
1 Fox Arun
2 Hansfords MG 53
3 Farnham A.S.
4 Allans Marine 50
5 Guidford A.C. 48